At the beginning of the century Ani Besant, founder of the Theosophical Society, met a young bright boy named Krishnamurti (Althion), born on May 25, 1895, in India, intuitively suggesting that he was preparing his physical body for the Great Master, who will guide the fates of mankind.  

On December 24, 1925, at the headquarters of the Adiar Theosophical Society in India, in the presence of invited members of the Order, Krishnamurti proclaimed a Master of the  Society. Theosophists are launching an active campaign, and each year, in August, they make annual meetings of the members of the Krishnamurti Order, which last for several days, in the vicinity of Oomen-Holland, at Eder Castle. Each year, the number of followers of the Order increases, reaching several thousand. Krishnamurti delivers lectures and lectures and manages these meetings personally. In 1929, the theosophists convened a world summit of the Order in order to proclaim Krishnamurti as a Great Master. In the last four years, in which Krishnamurti is the teacher of the Order, he is experiencing great mental struggle, anguish and long thoughts. The congress is attended by representatives of theosophical societies from all over the world.

The Master Peter Deunov (Bulgaria) , who has excellent command of English from his studies in America, wrote a letter to Krishnamurti and sent him by courier. He asks Magdalena Popova, to become the bearer of the letter, and she agrees because she likes to travel, been fluent in French, German and English and also gives her the opportunity to communicate with many people .The Master provides her with means of going to and returning to the Netherlands. She leaves immediately, and when she arrives in Oomen, she understands that Krishnamurti is in fasting for four days and does not accept anyone for a conversation. The next morning she gets up early and goes to Erde Castle, where Krishnamurti is staying. He sees him through the fence, walks, jumps it, and goes to him. He hurries to avoid meeting with unknown woman. She catches up and says, “You can not tolerate a woman, but you want to be a great teacher. ” She talked with him him in English, German, French and Italian. Then continues in English only: “My Teacher in Sofia have patience to me so many years” – tells him in detail about the Master and the Brotherhood in Bulgaria and gives him the letter. Then Krishnamurti begins to ask her in detail about the Master and the Brotherhood, and she willingly answers all his questions. At the same time, one of our brother Theosoph, Atanas Dimitrov, attended the congress, who, due to lack of funds, went on foot for 40 days to Holland and arrived first in Erde Castle. He knows several western languages, and because he is very intelligent, they gives him the money to buy food and appoints him as the main host and organizer of the congress. Atanas welcomes and accommodates all delegates, including Krishnamurti. Every morning he goes out early and walks into the garden, where he regularly meets Krishnamurti. They held many conversations in which Atanas spoke to him about Master and Brotherhood in Bulgaria. That way Krishnamurti is informed simultaneously by two people about the Master and his mission, and after reading the letter, make its own conclusions.

The congress begins solemnly, and all theosophists with trembling await the moment when they will announce Krishnamurty as Great Master. The congress has a representative from Bulgaria by the president of the theosophical society – Sofroni Nikov, who later tells in detail what happened at the Congress to Georgi Kurtev (one of the close disciples of the Master) during a visit to Aitos. On the 3 rd day of the congress, Krishnamurti stood on the rostrum and uttered a speech in which, among other things, he said, “You expect the Universal Master and you believe that this Master is me. This is not true. I am a man like you. I have shortcomings and I work over myself to get rid of them. It is true that the time for the Great Teacher has already come and he is on Earth in a physical body, but not here between us. The Teacher is in Bulgaria and his name is Peter Deunov. ” He explains to the congress, that he had spoken with two delegates – Atanas and Magdalena, and having read the letter which Master sent him, understood the truth, who is the Great Teacher. Seeing the great disturbance that provokes his speech, he adds;”I will continue to work for the cause of God, however, as equal to you.”

All delegates are embarrassed – they remain shocked, think that Krishnamurti is obsessed with a spirit, but he firmly defends what he says at the opening of the congress. Decides to disband the “Order of the Star”.On August 3, 1929, Krishnamurti held his last speech explaining to his followers why he was disbanding the order. “This morning we’ll deal with breaking the” Order of the Star “. Many will rejoice in this, but there will be those who will be afflicted. I maintain that the truth is a country to which there is no way, no religion, no sect. This is my opinion and I adhere to it absolutely and unconditionally. It is clear that the truth can not be organized. This is the first reason, because of which the “Order of the Star” should be disband. I repeat, there is no organization that leads the person to the spiritual. “After this Krishnamurti speech, the congress was disbanded and all delegates went to their native places. Krishnamurti has the courage to tell the truth to the whole congress.